An online festival for digital freelancers 1st may to 7th may 2020.

Freelancing is a way of earning money without entering into a job contract. Freelancing is a way of future and more so digital freelancer. This means using the internet technology to provide digital products or services.

I know you have many questions about freelancing. what is it?, how I can do it?, How I can earn money?, do I have the knowledge?, can I get the knowledge?, for all these and many other questions you can have the answers.


Online Freelancing festival 1st May to 7th May
It does not matter whether you are in Mumbai or Manhattan. As long as you are connected to the Internet you have an Equal Opportunity. This festival is brought to you in association with Online Business University -Certified Platinum Partners with worlds renowned Exclusive Event - Invite Only. You Have to be certified to be invited and listed. Let's NOT Talk about a world Post Covid. Let's talk about the during. The world is definitely going to change whether we like it or not…

why having your own personal website is important.

In these days people would like to know you as a person and they go to internet to check out your name and type in google. so even if you are not in digital marketing field, you require your home on the internet, which is your own personal branded website. Let's take the example that you have an Electrical business and you are the director of the company ABC Electricals. When you give your card, and you type the personal website adress, then the customer can visit the website and could get the following personal.

Your different business if any, what are the segments, the hyper link to the website. your hobbies, interests, links to various social media pages, like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter . your contact details.  so by just giving one website url like ( your whole personality, your values, and everything which you would like to potray to the community, society can be given. In these days, business has become very relational , i.e. the major business …

36 reasons why business fail by dr.vivek Bindra


building traffic on the net with social media using backlinks

Learning how to build traffic on the net is one of the most important steps of successful website development. Many business owners have the same goal; they say they want to increase visitors to our site, but the question remains how to do that effectively. The good news is that there are now proven strategies that can help you learn how to build traffic on the net. One of the most effective takes advantage of the rapidly growing world of social media and social networking to improve your website's visibility, scope and rankings.

To begin with, it's important to understand how websites get ranked highly within the search engines. If we wanted to increase visitors to our site in other words, how would we be able to do it? Search engines take into account many different factors to determine their displayed results, but one of the most important is the quality and quantity of incoming links you have leading to your website.

An incoming link from somewhere else on the web and hea…

Video 2. Day 1. (Post Event). Enlightened Warrior Power program


How a sensible and responsible act can protect you from great financial difficulties, and oneself.

Our health is an most important asset, one does know it, but often we ignore it. Health is wealth and one needs to take care of it. Hence one, should eat nutritious foods and regular intake of pure water,do daily exercise, have regular sleep and rest, and live stress free, to have best of Health.

However there are times when one becomes really sick and needs to be hospitalized. Sometimes a dreaded disease comes into one life, which may be curable, but it will require substantial resources.

I would like to state one story. I had a friend, who was doing a small business , and was making amount which took care of his necessities and some comforts,  but not much more.He had a small family of  his wife, and child  aged 5 years. However one fine day, he was diagnosed with cancer. The news of this definitely shook him, but also he began to fear that how he is going to arrange for the financiaresources for medical care worth many lakhs. He had an insurance cover which was very small. His sav…

Digital marketing is essential and key to an organizations success.

Dear Friends.

It has been a long time , since I have posted on this blog and please excuse that. Digital marketing, which includes social media marketing is an essential activity for most of the business in today,s environment. However it is observed that organization undertake this activity because everybody is doing it and not to be left out. However if one undertakes Digital marketing, social media marketing by having clarity on the objectives, and with proper method, system and advice from a independent marketing professional then it makes more sense. Because then the whole marketing will be such that it is in allignment with the vision, mission of the company and suitable platforms for marketing and sales are selected. The digital marketing should not be done in isolation, but it should be integrated with offline marketing. for example if the organization is participating in an exhibition, which is an offline marketing activity, then using digital marketing, we can create awaren…